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6 paintings 9 sculptures

Nick Schleicher

Grease 3

Saint Louis, MO

August 11th - September 10th, 2017


Nick Schleicher is a process painter whose work reflects a studio practice focused on exploring the physicality, presence, and application of paint. Currently, through experimentation with acrylic mediums, the artist creates acrylic paint “skins” which begin as paintings on plastic sheets. These skins are then peeled away from the sheet and collaged onto thin panels that float out from the wall. As the acrylic skins are applied to the surface of these panels, they are wrinkled, folded, stretched, etc. Imperfectly applied, the skins question the relationship of paint to surface and walk the line between painting and sculpture.

Additionally, Schleicher indulges in the replication of mundane objects as painted sculptures ranging from basketballs and VHS boxes to special edition beer cans at a 1:1 scale to the real objects. Upon further investigation, these mixed-media sculptures reveal the artist's playful hand as well as all the imperfections of the mediums chosen to represent the object. Join us for his opening reception, or visit us during stores hours Saturdays and Sundays 11-4. Show will run through September 10th.



Nick Schleicher (b 1988) received a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2011. Recent solo exhibitions include PLAQUE at The Granite City Art and Design District, Granite City, IL; Hoffman LaChance Contemporary, St. Louis, MO; and The Millitzer Gallery, St. Louis, MO.  He has also participated in group exhibitions, including Art:314 at The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis; Julius Caesars Whitney Houston Biennial 2, Chicago, IL; and Art Café Hemingway, Kauai, HI. He currently lives and works in St. Louis, MO.

You can read a review of this exhibition, by Martin Lang, here

Special thanks to Conor Murphy

all photos by Austin Fuller

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